10 Advanced 32nd Note Paradiddle Exercises Vol. 1


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Hello Drummerworld friends.

Today I'm posting a technique exercise that I hope will be helpful. I think it will be. It's 10 one measure exercises that combine single paradiddles, double paradiddles and paradiddles as 32nd notes...continuously through out each measure.

You can use it for technique practice, but they also sound pretty good on the drum kit. Here it is (PDF at the link): https://www.bangthedrumschool.com/10-advanced-32-note-paradiddle-exercises-volume-1/


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Thanks Mark! Added it to my stockpile of things to work on :) you can never have too many paradiddle variations to play with!
Hey Mark, I absolutely MUST KNOW; what software did you use for that notation? I've seen the same font all over the place including in Benny Greb's book and I'm wondering if all these drummers are using the same software that I don't know about!

Oh, and thanks for the great exercises!


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Hi Colin! I use Finale for my transcriptions and music notation.... it's got a big learning curve but the output looks great.... Thanks for asking.