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    PS3 vs Ambassador w/ felt (bass drum)

    Not a bad idea, I might have to try that. Would save me the trouble of having to reposition it every time I take the head off.
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    PS3 vs Ambassador w/ felt (bass drum)

    Thank you both, I'll order the PS3 reso!
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    PS3 vs Ambassador w/ felt (bass drum)

    Hi all, Would you say a Remo PS3 has a similar sound to an ambassador with a felt strip? Ideally I would do the Ambassador with felt (because that's what I know) but the only bass reso head with the vintage logo Ludwig offers is the PS3 (and I NEED the logo lol and don't want to use a decal)...
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    DW 5000 Allen (hex) Screws

    I bought an old DW 5000 pedal and I like it but it's a bit sluggish and I think it could probably play better. It's a single chain and has the pedal frame and the four holes on the spring side for the stroke adjustment. I'd like to open up the pedal to lube it up and possibly change the bearings...
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    Holding traditional grip backwards

    So today I was experimenting with holding the traditional grip left hand stick backwards so I was hitting with the butt end and I found it was insanely comfortable. I felt like I had more power and more control. The only drawback was I had a slightly smaller reach due to the fact that I had to...
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    Traditional grip thumb

    I've been (trying) playing traditional grip for almost a year and i think it's been going well for the most part. The only thing is I can't control the stick during single strokes with just the thumb without a dull ache starting. I got this approach from Tommy Igoe in great hands for a lifetime...
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    Warm Heads vs Bearing Edge

    There's a thread out there that talks about the differences in how heads and bearing edges affect the sound but I'm concerned with the warm calf-sound heads. I started thinking about this today: I know there will generally be more attack on a sharp bearing edge than a roundover, and the...
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    Slingerland super speed pedal

    I've seen one online for a good price that looks to be in good playable condition. I think I would either get this pedal or get an old speed king and get it “souped up” by polyphonic drums. For people who have played both, did you think the super speed held up to the speed king? And...
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    Slingerland damaged outer ply

    Hi. I got some 70s 3-ply slingerland shells a couple months ago that I was planning on rewrapping since they had a cheap ugly wine red wrap on them. It was pretty obvious that they were rewrapped with tape, and I was able to take the wrap of the 12x8 tom (the one I don't use) with pretty much no...
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    Reversing drums to build left hand

    Hi I play matched grip right-handed and I'm thinking about setting up my drums left-handed for a few days to improve the consistency between my hands, like for example my right hand has a lot more finger control than my left from playing the ride and hi hat . I'll move everything except the hi...