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  1. firesgt911

    Picked up a couple of cymbals in trade.

    Took these in trade. I didn't have any Zildjian cymbals, so I figured I'd give them a go. Now, excuse my ignorance of Zildjians, but are they both A series. Obviously the 18" is marked with the A, but the 17" seems different. Is it a different series? The 18" sounds great and opens up...
  2. firesgt911

    China sizes?

    I have almost no experience with China cymbals and would like to give one a try. I think Wuhan is the way to go for me because if I feel like it isn't the sound I want, I am not out much money. I wouldn't say I play a certain type of music. One day I play to country, one day punk rock and the...
  3. firesgt911

    Roc'n'Soc Nitro!

    I'd like to thank you great folks for all the useful information found on this site. I recently started playing drums full time and have been having issues with back pain. I broke my back in two places and blew out seven discs about eight years ago. All is well now for the most part, but I...