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    Surprised by DDrum Dios kit

    sounds like Ddrum has gotten their act together about their hardware quality...they've had good looking drums for a while.
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    Best mid-range kit?

    or find a used Tama Starclassic Birch/Bubinga...those can be had for $1500 or less.....I have a Saturn V and they're about the same price range....but neither is "mid range" from a quality standpoint..they're pro all the way. But they are in the mid-range price point for sure.
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    Tama Star Bubinga Exotic Red Viking Demo

    same here...would need to take out a loan for it. However, I actually like the Starclassic Bubingas more than the STAR Bubingas....though if I were to get a STAR kit, it would be the Walnut.
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    Mapex Precious Metal Phosphor Bronze Snare

    Anyone know anything about these snares? There's a guitar center near me that has a 6.5x14 for $250.....I'm having trouble finding much information about it. I'm in the market for a good bronze snare and have a Mapex Saturn V so this would be nice to keep it in the family so to speak.
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    Pearl Demon Drive Spring Assembly Parts Issue

    Does anyone know anywhere to purchase the spring assembly for a Demon Drive double pedal? The upper nut (the plastic one) broke yesterday and I'm having a pain of a time finding the correct spring assembly online. Or really, all I need is a new upper nut for it but I don't know if you can just...
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    Dream kit

    Mapex Black Panther Sledgehammer Drum Set
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    New Ride Cymbal ordered (after weeks of research)

    After weeks of researching, listening to, and pricing, I've finally settled on a new ride cymbal. It's the 22" Sabian Paragon Ride. Beautiful and sounds just what I was looking for. I'm primarily a metal player but, I actually like a brighter tone than the darker ones on the HH Power Bell and...