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  1. Tim Waterson

    Tim Waterson Playing METAL for the drummers who wanted to see me wail some kick ass Metal enjoy Tim
  2. Tim Waterson

    Footcam for bass drum techniques FAQ

    did this in the hotel room while we are on tour Hope this helps Tim
  3. Tim Waterson

    The TRUTH about drum triggers Hope this helps clear up the confusion Tim
  4. Tim Waterson

    Tim Waterson Performing with Judea San Pedro

    Ok DW friends heres a compilation clip performing as a live DUO no sequencers I use my right hand on the Spd30 for bass tones Enjoy FYI this is how I have been paying the bills since late 2007 Tim
  5. Tim Waterson

    True speed vs implied speed This clip will HELP you UNDERSTAND true speed and when you do you can relax and play Tim
  6. Tim Waterson


    Just loaded a clip untriggered to help drummers listen to their feet before they crank up the sensitivuty on the triggers drummers can hear
  7. Tim Waterson

    Swivel video demonstration and breakdown slow to fast

    Heres a video that should help clear up the confusion on swivel technique/motion Tim
  8. Tim Waterson

    My Kodak Zi8 Drum solo

    I set up my Kodak Zi8 on an amp beside my drums at an open stage Jam and for a crappy drumset it actually sounds pretty good!/video/video.php?v=446505775026 Tim
  9. Tim Waterson

    OK heres one for the speed freaks

    Not sure how fast dont really care just trying to play a groove on top enjoy Tim
  10. Tim Waterson

    Drumcanman Performance Canada Day 2010

    a clip from my perfomance in sherwood park alberta for canada day 2010 enjoy Tim
  11. Tim Waterson

    AXIS A Lazer Longboard Video review

    Should answer most questions about the Long anticipated AXIS pedal Tim
  12. Tim Waterson

    TAMA Warlord Spartin stainless steel drums

    Good lights sound and cameras HAPPY EASTER Enjoy Tim
  13. Tim Waterson

    Doh Funny drumming Blooper Tim
  14. Tim Waterson

    open drum solo NO double bass Tim
  15. Tim Waterson

    Drumming BLOOPER

    you should get a good laugh from this whatever hapeens just keep playing the show must go on Tim
  16. Tim Waterson

    Muliple camera angles Good sound and lights

    drumming Video from Pre production while working at the Video studio In Alberta Tim
  17. Tim Waterson

    Applying push pull in a song Venga boys boom boom Heres a clip playing Venga Boys boom boom boom boom part way through I wanted to play 16 ths on ride hmmmm difficult to lets try push pull and see what happens? YES much easier to do the push pull comes in around 40 sec mark Tim
  18. Tim Waterson

    Spansish song Quenzara drumcam performing with Judea San Pedro this is NY 2009 Tim
  19. Tim Waterson

    Dragonfire VIDEO

    Miles the studio owner did a quick video of myself and Russ recording in the studio Tim
  20. Tim Waterson

    Heel toe drumming

    heres a clip demonstrating HT doubles once in a while to spice up a GROOVE Tim