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    Advice on building a drum riser

    Hey everyone,I am going to help a friend build a drum riser for his home studio,and have a few questions. The room is about 14 feet by about 20 feet. What dimensions and shape would be most efficient? How high off the floor should it be for best sound/ recording? I see that some...
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    question about bpm software

    Hi all,any body know of an app software for PC that will analyze bpm all through a song,in other words where you take a recording and see where the bpm is at any point in the recording?
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    Sabian XSR monarch 14" hats

    The other day I was in a music store and was checking out the Hi Hats,and played these,really nice,they were priced at 170.00 ish. They were a little dark,a little dry,little funky,but musical. There are a good amount of less expensive/ entry and mid level hats out there IMO,but they are...
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    Players skills deteriorating

    Could use some insight and advice here. First a little background. A few years back I hooked up with a weekend warrior cover band,they were not very good,but were nice people and were actually booking gigs so I stuck with it. The best player in the band was a lead guitarist,he was one of...
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    Standards/tunes for Gen Next Millenialls?

    Hi all,my question has to do with songs for a cover band I am in. About a week ago a friend called with a last minute private party gig,and the four of us were able to pick some common ground songs,about thirty,mostly classic rock from the 60's 70's and 80's,we rehearsed once and did the gig,we...
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    vintage Rogers on the gig and edge question

    Was hoping folks on here that were drum builders and or have had bearing edges done could chime in. 1966/67 20 12 14 Had not played these out in quite a while,it seems like the 20 14 make it just that much easier set up in tight spaces I need a couple of other things for it,I would love to...
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    Slightly OT Opening bands that are louder than the headliner

    I have seen some shows where the opening bands have been about the same volume,but I have seen where the opening band has been far and away louder than the the headliner. Once when I saw Puddle of Mud,Nickleback and 3 doors down,nicklenack was louder. I have somehow managed to see Ted Nugent...
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    The out of tune out of the pocket phenomena

    Always wondered about this,there have been times where one or two of the instruments in the band have been badly out of tune,or once a bass player was tuned to E flat,rest of band E,but when this happens not only does it sound horrible but it pulls me out of the pocket big time. Does this...
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    Drum tab/rhythmic notation

    Hi all,I am looking for a site I have seen on threads here,it had the drum parts written out very nicely,I can not remember the name of the site.any help greatly appreciated.
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    double pedal advice

    Hi guys and gals,I need a little advice,am am teaching my 16 old neice to play,and she is starting Jam with people and needs a double kick pedal,can anyone recommend one at the low and mid price points? I saw a pdp on line for 100.00,and I saw a gibraltar avenger for 199.00...
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    Soundman controlling gig?

    Thought I would get you input/thoughts on this. Our band played a gig at a club for the 2nd time.The club gets new bands in on friday's,if they do well enough you can get booked for saturdays which are better attended and pay better.both sat and fri night bands are expected to play dance music...
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    italian cymbals

    try this as a start, good luck
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    Quick torque Cam mini review

    I recently had seen a few postings about the quick torque spring cam in this and another forum,you can check it out here Anyway I decided to try it and this is my impression. I tried it with my first wave Iron Cobra power glide,mine was the...
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    Mapex retrosonic review

    Hey everybody,thought I would post this because of the 2 page thread about these on this forum,they look great on video,and sound darn good to me.
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    When is a song ready?When deciding by committee

    Just wanted to know how it is decided in your bands,in my band we have a lead singer that knows nothing,and if we get through a song in practice without stopping,no matter how horrible,it finds it's way on to the set list,the bass player is not much better.The guitar player and I constantly are...
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    Reply to Maxmaxy ,Legend drums

    Can't seem to post a reply to your private message,so I will reply here. I have seen a few Legend drums,a local dealer used to carry them,My memory is a little fuzzy,I believe the line was designed by an american drum maker of note, maybe Joe Montineri,after they stopped production I think the...
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    Wedding songs request question

    Hey all,although I have a decent amount of experience,I am more of a behind the scenes kind of guy,I could use some insight.Our band has booked a couple of weddings,1st one is mid november.The bassist asked what song they would like for the bride and groom dance,Father and bride.They responded...
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    off topic The Authorized AL

    On Pawnstars,Weird Al's Biography went for 425.00 in fair condition.Bermuda,how many copies do you have stashed away?
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    This is a new one

    The Band I play with has played a restaurant/bar in Fla the last couple years,sort of a working vacation. We play outside like on a raised good sized stage stage.We are bass, drums, guitar with a male and female lead singer.We got a call from the manger saying that the place has come under new...
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    Need advice/help on replacing bearings on Iron cobra I am Mechanically Challenged

    A few years ago I converted an IC rolling glide to a power glide, 1st generation IC with the silver /grey frame,Bruce Felter(Longroll)(God rest his patient soul) over at DFO talked me through it.I can sort of remember most of what needs to be done,but have question or two.I know I have to remove...