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  1. GretschedHive

    Over-Zealous, Undisciplined Tambourine Players

    I always got a kick out of—and found frustrating—this live video of Yes in 1976, where Jon Anderson's shakers are louder than the entire drumset and maybe anything else in the band except Steve Howe's guitar during the long instrumental intro.
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    I think "Come Together" is one of the greatest drum parts in history, groundbreaking, imaginative and incisive, and one of the many, many arguments for Ringo's important and greatness. But it's not really an intro, given that guitar, bass and vocals all also come in at the same time. But I was...
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    I enjoyed the video, as I do pretty much all of Rick's vids, but I was astonished that the intro to "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" only made the honorable mentions and not the #1 slot. Uriel Jones's (I think? I'd long assumed it was Benny Benjamin but I think I've read that it was Jones and not...
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    The List of Most Fun to Play Drum Songs

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    Sale on Mapex Saturn V4 Shell Pack

    That's a heck of a price!
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    Sale on Mapex Saturn V4 Shell Pack

    How much was it?
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    Drum tracks

    I don't know if you watched the video, but he hired several bassists for about $10 per track. To be fair, I think he was only looking for about 45 seconds of material or less. And in a few cases, he got what he paid for. Still, it was interesting and entertaining.
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    Drum tracks

    You could try what this guy did, and just pay a musician/bunch of musicians to finish the tracks for you.
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    90s drumkits, who still has one?

    I guess so, unless this thing was special ordered, which doesn't seem likely; I hadn't known anything about the Power V Special line until I owned this kit, and other than the fact that it was made in England (after Yamaha bought Premier, I assume), still haven't found much out. So if anyone has...
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    90s drumkits, who still has one?

    I picked this Yamaha Power V Special kit up for $100 off of Craigslist about a year ago. I didn't have any need for it or really any room, but I set it up for a bit just to play around and oh my. So much volume and sustain and a surprisingly sweet tone, even with the beat to hell heads. The...
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    EPIC drum fills...

    This story of how Kenny Aronoff kept his job thanks to his largely unplanned part on "Jack and Diane" may be well-known to others, but I only read about it for the first time a few months back:
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    Favorite drummer stories?

    If you google it, you'll find it's been widely reported; some of the details change here and there but the gist is pretty much always the same. Mick says it didn't happen, Charlie seems to refuse to confirm or deny it at all, and Keef swears it's true. This is from his autobiography—you'll...
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    Favorite drummer stories?

    I guess I have two favorites. The first is the story about U2's Larry Mullen Jr telling Brian Eno that the click track they were working on was off by the tiniest bit...and being absolutely right: The other is the great story about Charlie Watts. The band was supposed to record, but Mick...
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    Backing tracks...

    There's the famous Van Halen disaster in Greensboro back in 2007, where the backing track to "Jump" seem to have been played slightly fast or slow, with the result that not only are they not in the right key, but they're not quite in any key, leading to microtonal dissonance. It's my favorite VH...
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    When taking drumming advice, is someone's "playing level" important or not..?

    I always thought what Bill Bruford had to say was (typically) interesting:
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    I thought that this was really cool.....

    I always love "making of" videos and wish more companies had more of them. This is maybe the most aesthetically-pleasing one I've ever seen.
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    New Forum at a standstill?????

    The new forum looks fantastic. But it either doesn't have an RSS feed any more, or it's changed and my RSS feedreader needs to be updated. I realize not a lot of people use feedreaders anymore, but I doubt I'm the only one, and that might account for a small percentage of the slowdown. ETA: I...