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    Recording band practices.

    Can anybody recommend a decent but fairly cheap recorder to record band practices. Drums, bass, 2 x guitars, vocals. Doesn't need to be incredible quality or complex, just something to playback and email out to band members afterwards. Thanks in advance.
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    90s drumkits, who still has one?

    I found some pictures of my old Pearl SLX attached below from around 1991 and it got me thinking how fantastic those kits were. Direct shell tom mounts, unnecessary/impractical but brilliant 950 counter-weighted boom stands, long lugs, deep toms, free floating snare. I had a great set of Sabian...
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    20x16 v 22x18 bass drum

    I recently purchased a lovely Gretsch Renown kit, 12, 16 and 22 bass drum with a 13x7 CoS snare. Absolutely love the kit but finding the 22x18 bass drum a bit of an arse to move about and gig with particularly in a Hardcase. Great drum, sounds like a cannon with very little damping and really...