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    Your band's original Music Videos - wanted

    I am a partner in a new media company that is getting ready to launch the first of several web based television channels. Some of the channels will be focused on sports, K-12 education (elementary, middle school, high school) plus some adult education, while others will be focused on other...
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    Ludwig Blue Marble kit

    I picked up this beautiful Ludwig Blue Marble kit recently. It is from 1994. It still had the original heads on it. These were hand painted kits and only made for a couple of years due to the time and labor involved to make the kits. It really is a work of art. I have only seen pictures of 2...
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    Vintage Leedy Snare, BAss and Hardware

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I picked up some vintage 1930's Leedy gear. I was told these had been used by a professional drummer in the mid 30's. They had been donated to a church by family members. They are in need of some TLC, but...