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  1. dboomer

    Timbre notes on my DW's..

    Off topic for this thread, but I believe there is. And it has to do mainly with shell depth. The frequency that isa 1/4 wavelength of the shell depth will cancel itself out (at least in one mode of shell vibration). So if you tune to where that actual frequency is sounded it will subtract itself...
  2. dboomer

    Building a small PVC soundproof booth with duvets

    The video is about sound absorption not soundproofing. Big difference! Check this one ... two layers of 5/8 sheetrock, floating with green glue
  3. dboomer

    Building a small PVC soundproof booth with duvets

    To find out, lay your blanket and eggcrate foam over a hifi speaker. That will show you how much reduction you’ll get(not much in my book). But if you are happy with that then build your box.
  4. dboomer

    INDe Drums

    Yes but they cut the wrap way back from the edges so even the hoop doesn't always completely cover it. Make that number 4 😁
  5. dboomer

    INDe Drums

    My kit was a 2014
  6. dboomer

    INDe Drums

    Yes, you are seeing stock DW hardware. Josh will do custom stuff (at good prices too). Compared to my USA Custom? Number one, the build quality is much better, the cost and the weight are half. Sound quality, wonderful and you don’t need special sized heads like are required for using Gretsch.
  7. dboomer

    Plexiglass - but a little different.

    Back in the old days we used to use the plexi shields behind us to project the drum kit out to the audience.
  8. dboomer

    Tuning to the room

    It starts getting complicated when you also figure in absorption and eigentones (multi axial reflections). There are so many things in play. It is easy for rooms to suck up higher frequencies but much more difficult for low frequencies. If you had a lid then you had reflections. It catches me...
  9. dboomer

    Tuning to the room

    Probably what you are referring to is standing waves within a room (doesn't happen outdoors). Rooms are at the mercy of their shortest dimension (usually ceiling height). Depending on dimensions and frequency(especially), nodes (dead spots) are produced where no or very little sound is...
  10. dboomer

    INDe Drums

    I’ve had this kit for about 2 months now. So far it is everything I expect from a premium kit. I opted for the satin finish as the resoarmor adds about 50% to the price and I carry my own kits these days so I’m not worried about it getting beat up. Josh was easy to work with and he built me some...
  11. dboomer

    Jazz to some people...

    Don’t feel bad ... most people don’t get it. In many ways it's like listening to 2 people speaking in a foreign language. If you don’t understand the language it’s just noise. I would suggest a good way to learn to listen to it is to listen to songs where you absolutely know the melody (head)...
  12. dboomer

    LED stage lighting

    LED lighting is quickly becoming the new norm. But be aware it can cause havoc to any wireless mics you are using.
  13. dboomer

    Has anyone -------

    I guess you could be “feeling” it. But do you really think you are “hearing” it from a youtube video that has been digitized, processed through a codec and compressed? 😁😁😁
  14. dboomer

    Wrapping with wood veneer??

    Actually it is quite a bit different in my opinion. Laminating to a cylinder requires the use of pressure rollers because of the nature of wood. Wood has what are called compressive strength properties because of the grain that a continuous plastic wrap is not bothered by. So to properly glue it...
  15. dboomer

    The Problem with Vertical/ Mag Snare Throws

    There is a mechanical component at play here. The wider the actual point of contact to the strap (or wires) the flatter the snares will lie against the head.
  16. dboomer

    I finally discovered...

    Hey Larry ... how do you measure the speed of your singles? I have no idea where I might be at.
  17. dboomer

    What are your drumming (or musical) mottos in life..?

    Mine? It either needs to be a lot of fun or it needs to pay a lot of $$$
  18. dboomer

    The drunk beat

    Sorry, I read that as 50-60% quantized not 50-60% swung.
  19. dboomer

    The drunk beat

    I would disagree. These beats are not out of time. You are just hitting on quintuplet timings (and such). They strive to be on time. It takes way more skill than I have to do it. But I’ll never learn how to do it as it doesn’t groove to me. YMMV.
  20. dboomer

    Drumstick Innovation - Low Volume Drumsticks

    As a former product designer whose products have sold well north of half a billion dollars, I promise you Pro Mark nor anyone else doesn’t care about how long or short they last. They only care whether or not they sell something or their competitors beat them at it. Personally, I’m pulling...