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    How many rides and hi hat pairs do you have?

    Wow, some impressive collections! I have two of each, all Paiste. It's all I need. 14" Signature Traditionals Medium Light 13" 2002 Sound Edge 20" 602 Medium 20" Signature Dark Energy Mark I
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    Silent stroke heads or ekit.

    Wood dust present in every shell and directly over bearing edge after relatively light usage on a high end Pearl kit. Just like those Remo Roland bass drum mesh pads wear down your felt beater very quickly.
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    Silent stroke heads or ekit.

    I will also recommend the Aquarian Superpads with the Zildjian L80 cymbals, or at least 1 superpad for the snare. In my experience the Remo silent strokes will sand your bearing edges so get a beat up cheap kit if you are willing to use those. The e-kits are really fun but I won't recommend...
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    my Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple

    I've settled on Evans coated g12 for toms on mine - single ply but a bit thicker than usual, & stock reso clear heads. Bass drum head can be whatever you like but I'm using the stock head.
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    Zildjian Avedis New Beat 14" Hi-Hat Cymbals--Advice required

    Oh no I got caught! I guess I don't know how to play hi-hats everyone!
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    Thoughts on Sonor AQ2 Stage 6 pc

    Oh, I think the 14 is called Martini, and 18 is Bop. Don't know why though. I have the 18 BD.
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    Thoughts on Sonor AQ2 Stage 6 pc

    They sound ok, they just feel dull. Head changes in order of priority would be: * snare reso - the stock head had no snare response at all at lower dynamics. * snare batter * bass drum batter - really made it come alive. * tom batters * bass drum reso / tom reso. (optional as above) I don't...
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    20x20 bass drum?

    Don't get it. 20x20 is too deep, too much to carry around, fit in the car, and takes too much space, harder to control, harder to sell, and looks weird. You will end up muffling it any way. 20x16 is plenty deep and big sounding. 20x14 is better. Don't buy it and cut it down either, too much hassle.
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    Thoughts on Sonor AQ2 Stage 6 pc

    I have an AQ2 in bop sizes and I use it for gigging. The build quality is really great, no flaws in shell or finish, tunes up easy and sounds great. But you need to upgrade all the heads, both batter and reso (even bass drum) to get the best sound out of these drums.
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    Zildjian Avedis New Beat 14" Hi-Hat Cymbals--Advice required

    New beats put me to sleep zzzzz. Everyone has them... boring.
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    Is it dumb of me to buy Constantinople?

    Yes dumb, get some Paistes. But really....choose the sound you like, there are no rules. Also, there is no "Cadillac" of cymbals (unless you mean trashy then yes, they do sound a bit trashy). The excitement of the new gear will wear off quickly so get it right the first time and take some time...
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    Sonor Snare Porn

    Looks amazing. Is there something you like about Sonor snares compared to other drum companies?
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    DW 5000 Strap Pedal & DW 9000 Strap Pedal Input

    If it doesn't have to be DW then check out the Pearl eliminator redline with the strap. It's lighter and faster than the DW9000 with strap and Sonor Jojo pedal, I've owned all.
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    Zildjian 14.25 Hybrid Hats vs Zildjian 13” K/Z Special Hats

    I would go for Hybrids out of those two. K mastersound hats sound good to me as well.
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    Yamaha Custom Absolute Hybrid Maple users- Tuning Advice please

    Sounds good with a coated emperor for me, both heads tuned to the same pitch.