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    best 12" wood snare?

    I always liked the old Pearl soprano 12x7 maple in classic liquid amber. Not sure if they still make them but you can probably pick one up on Ebay fairly cheaply. Might actually look out for one myself!
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    Sabian Fusion Hi hats 13"

    I owed a pair of Fusion Hats in the 90s wish I never sold them. The bottom hat was a very heavy Leopard bottom with a very cool finush. They were the Sabian equivalent of K/Z hats.
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    The old Drummerworld

    I'm fairly new so forgive what might be an obvious question. Some questions and threads are indicated on Google as "archived", is there a way of viewing these? They aren't actually that old, 2010 or so, presumably these were on the old site?
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    Drum Features You Miss

    Plus they feature on all pricelevels of kits these days, you have to go all the way up to a 3k Gretsch Broadkaster before you have your choice of tom mount. I also find it a pain in the arse to tune properly because I can't get my fingers on the screws to tighten the lugs evenly.
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    Drum Features You Miss

    I miss direct tom mounts I've never liked so called tom isolation systems from the past 20 odd years. So much cleaner and classic looking, no pointless chunks of metal, less wobble or movement and I honestly don't there's any major discernible difference. I wish I had the balls to get the drills...
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    Recording band practices.

    Thanks very much for all your responses, very useful info and I'm going to check these all out. Cheers!
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    Recording band practices.

    Can anybody recommend a decent but fairly cheap recorder to record band practices. Drums, bass, 2 x guitars, vocals. Doesn't need to be incredible quality or complex, just something to playback and email out to band members afterwards. Thanks in advance.
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    Any interest is silent heads?

    I have sold 3 or 4 used Remo Silentstroke heads on Ebay for drum sizes I no longer own. On account of the mesh "give", they don't tend to dent or mark too much so assuming you price them reasonably they will sell. People are possibly wanting to try one out before investing in a full set.
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    90s drumkits, who still has one?

    I loved the counter-weighted boom stands, looked so cool. My dream kit in the 90s was the Pearl Custom Z, I spent many an hour drooling over the catalogues back in the day!
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    90s drumkits, who still has one?

    I found some pictures of my old Pearl SLX attached below from around 1991 and it got me thinking how fantastic those kits were. Direct shell tom mounts, unnecessary/impractical but brilliant 950 counter-weighted boom stands, long lugs, deep toms, free floating snare. I had a great set of Sabian...
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    What are your drumming (or musical) mottos in life..?

    Shift drumkit from car to stage in maximum three trips. Always served me well, get in and get out minimum fuss. Anymore and I've probably bought too much gear.
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    Weight Savings Replacing 302 Hoops on Gretsch Renown?

    I guess what you have to remember is that Gretsch have spent time, energy and money researching and developing the RN2 and what you get is a fantastic sounding and looking kit for a decent price. When you start messing with that whole ethos I personally think you're on your own. You don't know...
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    Extra Thin trashy crash cymbals - ideas please!

    Zildjian Crash of Doom I'd say. I had one and sold it as it didn't suit what I was looking for. Very dark, thin, dry, trashy. I didn't think it was hugely loud but did have great ride attriubutes if you're into that sort of thing. Sounds like it would fit in nicely with your other cymbals.
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    Weight Savings Replacing 302 Hoops on Gretsch Renown?

    Depends how often you are having to move them. If the weight really is an issue, look into the Gretsch Catalina Clubs which are a mahogany shell and much much lighter, probably as much as 35-40%. The bass and toms sound fantastic, very nice warm tone, just replace the snare. I used to sling a...
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    Your personal least favorite set you actually owned.

    Yeah I had a Tama Rockstar DX in standard issue Jet Black around 1990 which never really sounded that good. Heavy gaffer tape usage was all the rage at that time which didn't really help matters going for that 'And Justice For All' sound but I do think the 12x11, 13x12 tom depth had a lot to do...