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    a middle ground on heads?

    I have a Premier Genista (birch) kit from the 90s that I have played for years. Always use clear Ambassadors on the toms (a 12 and a 16) and a CS reverse dot on the snare. I've always loved how bright they sound, and how much the cut through the mix when played with rock bands. Last year, I...
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    13" hi hats?

    Hey folks. Considering a new pair of hi hats. Been playing 14s for 25 years, and instead of getting another set of 14s, I thought I'd get a set of 13s. Can anyone provide some insight as to the advantages and disadvantages associated with 13s vs. 14s? I play alternative rock in one band...
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    new rim for 12" tom?

    Hey folks - I recently bought a nice, used Pacific CX kit (made in Ensenada). I have noticed that one of the rims on the 12" tom is very slightly out of round. I hope that you all might be able to help with a couple of quick questions: 1) Are drum rims generally interchangeable across...