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    Anyone used(d) Stick Gripps?

    I've tried those before, but I prefer Pro Mark Stick Rapp. It just has a tad more stickiness and damping to me, and it's reusable (at least once).
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    Snare Wire Buzz

    These can help.
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    In Search of the Perfect Heads: Graduated Thickness Concept

    I have wanted one of the manufacturers to embrace this concept for years (and have posted about it before). I'm currently using UV1s on my 10" and 12" toms and G2s on my 16" and 18" floor toms. I originally had all G2s and the smaller toms just didn't sound as open as the floors, then I went...
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    Birch drums. Why?

    The wood plays a role, but so does the shell dimensions, shell construction, number of plies, bearing edge bevel, heads, lug construction and attachment... blah, blah, blah. I know I could never make a blanket statement about wood type as applied to drum sound.
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    I watched Rena Beaves a couple nights ago...

    ...with the Carlos Montoya band and what a great, solid, player. The band was fantastic. The venue was small and intimate, and the sound system was good. Rena's playing was incredibly tasteful, and his kit sounded fantastic. Sakae kit with Yamaha signature <someone> COB snare, and Zildjian...
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    Vater 8A Maple Sticks

    I just picked some of these up, because they I wanted some lighter sticks than my Vater 5A and Fusion Maples. I've tried 7As and just too small for me ;). I'm really like them a lot! Great balance and even better articulation from a light stick. Anyone else try these?
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    Vic Firth Titan Carbon Sticks

    So I bought a pair of these a while back and didn't play them much, but recently picked them up again, and although they seem different (heavier, more forward weighted, and flexy) than the Vater Sugar Maple Fusions I've been using, they sound good and are starting to grow on me. My concern is...
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    New Tama Star finish.

    Is this a nice finish or what? It makes me want to sell my Smokey Indigo Burst B/B kit and but one of these? :(
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    In praise of the Evan's Torque Key

    I've been swapping some heads around and trying to come up with comparable tuning. I have a tunebot, but the process is fairly tedious and requires a lot of attention (for me). My brother (also a drummer), got me an Evan's Torque key for Christmas, which looked like a solution to a non-existent...
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    Arcanum Drums

    I came upon this company: Arcanum (don't even remember how). I hadn't heard of them, but the drums look stunning! Anyone know anything about these folks?
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    Titanium Snare?

    Has anyone ever tired a titanium snare? Just curious as to how it would compare with brass, copper, bronze, etc...
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    WorldMax snare?

    I was thinking of building another snare drum and came across a couple sites that offer either kits or complete snares at pretty competitive prices. One was that offers a complete black brass snare "kit" drilled and ready for assembly, and the other was that...
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    This is what drumming is about.

    I just saw this special on TV last night and I was really impressed with Barbara Borden. I hadn't heard of her before, but she represents to me what drumming is really all about. Keeper of the Beat.
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    Ahead sticks: 5A vs Lucky Lehrer Speed Stick

    I'm really liking the 5As. I really like the balance and the sound I'm getting out of them. They are a little heavier than I'd like though and the LL Speed Sticks have all of the same specs (according to the Ahead site), but are listed as "A light-weight and fast drumstick". Has anyone used...
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    Lovin' the 24" Sabian B&U HH King Ride.

    I've had it for a couple weeks now, and I must say it's my favorite. It has a more defined ping than most my other rides, with the exception of my HHX Leopard ride which was all ping and no wash. It has a nice controllable graduation of wash from none at the bell to more at the edge, and then...