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    Drummer's Weekly Groovecast Interviews Matt Bettis

    I can't listen to it, because I can't take the sound of my own voice recorded. But, you should! Thanks, Matt
  2. mbettis is restocked

    I've been working hard this summer to restock There are now over fifty cymbals available for immediate delivery. Please, check them out. Thanks, Matt
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    Fake Spizzichinos on eBay

    These hats are the latest in a series of fake Spizzichinos that this particular seller has been selling on eBay. Beware. Later, Matt
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    Bettis Hard Top Cymbals

    Some of you dudes were talking about crash rides and their inherent design difficulties. I think that I recently developed an idea that will help make better crash rides. I figured out a way to make a cymbal by hammering only the top of the cymbal instead of both top and bottom as is...
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    Bettis and BBQ Siberian Bells in Guitar Center

    After almost 12 long months of paperwork, emails and prototyping , the Bettis and BBQ Siberian Bells are shipping this week to Guitar Center's largest 3 stores. This first shipment, which may be the only shipment, contains 5 Prototype bells each to the Chicago, Manhattan and Hollywood...
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    New Bettis Cymbals

    Please forgive the soundfiles. Attempting to learn to play with my feet. 1966 gram Paperthin 22... And, her soundfile. Thanks, Matt
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    Come hither....

    Can't believe I forgot to pimp my custom cymbals to you dudes....... Here's some of my latest creations: More to follow, Matt