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    Too old to Play Drums

    I'm 69. Gigging regularly. My 64 year old wife is my roadie. Just auditioned for a 2nd band last night and it went very well. I did warn them that I'm a bit 'mature'. We'll see.
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    Tama Starphonic Copper

    I had a brass Starphonic. Beautifully made drum
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    Is it just me?

    I always feel a need to release the snare and unlock the hihat top when I'm done playing. It bothers me that the spring stays a bit compressed with the weight of the top cymbal. And why have tension on the snare cord if you don't need to?
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    Cymbal cancer warnings

    I was just looking at some Meinl cymbals on and I'm seeing some of them have cancer warnings on them. I saw the same thing on a few Zildjians also. What's up with that?
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    OH Boy....New stuff.

    I just ordered an Inde kit. It was in stock and I should have it by the weekend. I also ordered the new Yamaha Crosstown lightweight hardware set. My drum kit is going to be so light, I'm going to need to tie it down.
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    Ever realize that you just paid $3000 for a musical instrument that requires 25sq feet of space, weights 35 lbs but only plays 4 notes? (And one of them is pretty much just a thud)
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    Intro to 'Take it Easy'

    I'm trying to play along with the recording and it's making me crazy. It starts with that guitar chord. I know it's really on the 4& but since it the first thing you hear and it repeats every 4 beats, my brain immediately locks on to it as if it were on the 1. If I could count the song in, I...
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    Doc Sweeney drums

    Anyone have any experience with Doc Sweeney Drums? Custom shop in California. They look very nice, but there seems to be very little user feedback around.
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    Stick between index and middle finger

    Does anyone else do this? I've always had a problem with my right (dominant) hand cramping after a while, so I would switch the stick between my index and middle finger. I've been doing it for years and I'm almost as good with it there as in the normal position. I do have a callous on the...
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    Copper Hoops

    I'm looking a a Ludwig Raw Copperphonic that has polished copper hoops.It's kind of strange looking. Just wonder how copper hoops hold up both structurally and aesthetically.
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    I can't buy a high end snare drum

    I keep wanting to buy a nice really high-end snare and will spend hours researching, pricing, listening to YouTube videos. But when the time comes, I always get hung up on the fact that, for the same money, I can buy a whole additional good quality drum kit. So I think it's a crazy idea and do...
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    Ludwig heads?

    Last year, I picked up a new 5 piece set of Ludwig Legacy Mahoganys. The heads are labeled as Ludwig Weatherking Heavy. I've heard that Ludwig has not made tom heads for a while and I don't see them for sale anywhere. Are these rebranded Remos? What current Remo head would be a replacement? I...
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    Does adding this Tom make sense?

    I currently have a DW performance kit 1 up & 1 down. I’d Like to add another high Tom. I have a 12x8 and a16x16 now. Normally I would add a10” to the kit, but that is no longer possible as the color is discontinued. There is a 13x9 available though. Do you think the combo of 12x8, 13x9 and...
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    I wonder what his real job resume looks like

    Found in Musicians section of Craigslist today. ( I censored the actual words) Whatup fools. I am a 27 year old drummer looking for some peeps to jam and play gigs and have a good time with. I just love rock music and give no sh**s about how far we go but I will not be the one holding us back...
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    Inde vs C&C

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with both brands and can compare and contrast. I used to own a player date II kit. I think I'm the only person in the world who didn't like it. Loved the look and feel but it always sounded too dead for me, unless it was tuned very high. I tried all kinds...