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    Flexi flyer vs speed cobra

    Interesting..what are the gear ratios of the power glide and rolling glides ?
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    Flexi flyer vs speed cobra

    Hi guys. Was just wondering...aside from the long footboard and and chain drive do you guys think the speed cobras cam and geometry setup is similar to a Flexi-flyer?. To me it seems so..they both have a rounded cam and the footboard is recessed back.
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    Question about dw mcd pedal

    Thanks for the responses guys. Just got a decent deal on a used set of these but prefer a strap over chain. Doesn’t sound like the pedal was manufactured for a strap conversion. . Oh well..not really a deal breaker.
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    Question about dw mcd pedal

    Ah..I see. Probably the same on the mcd. Thanks for your help!
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    Question about dw mcd pedal

    Hey ronzo How is the chain held onto the cam?
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    Question about dw mcd pedal

    Anyone familiar with the machined chain drive pedal that knows if it’s possible to replace the chain with a strap? From the pics I’ve seen I don’t see the usual drum key bolt that would hold the chain like other pedals have.
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    Am I crazy?

    So I have a Yamaha absolute with birch toms and maple bass drum in cherry red with the regular absolute lugs. Great condition and I'm pretty happy with it. Lately though I've had the itch to sell it and get some Hybrid maples in polar white. I still like the sound of my drums...although I...
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    Pearl eliminator redline

    Just got my double pedal redlines and I gotta say they are smoother and a bit less sluggish than the originals. Not that they were very sluggish in the first place but the redlines are a definite improvement. Sorry no pics yet but I'll have some up soon.
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    replacing absolute birch with performer b/b.. Bad idea?

    Hey guys Just wanted some opinions. I have an excellent condition yamaha birch custom absolute kit that I dig but lately I've been listening to clips of the tama birch bubinga kit and I'm loving the low end that I hear. Would it be crazy for me to get rid of this beautiful, discontinued, more...
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    question.... can you guys help out?

    add roland practice pad to e-kit?? hey guys, i have no experience with e-kits. I just ordered a dtx560k and was wondering if it was possible to hook up my roland rmp-5 practice pad to it to use as an extra pad. thanks.
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    Wow..what a disappointment. So, purchasedremo's new clear powestroke pro head yesterday. I was pretty excited about it. Defintely prefer remos heads on toms and snare but i was still waiting for remo to trump the emad. Well, after two days of playing and messing with the tuning i think this...
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    A vs. A custom hammering

    not that its a big deal but ive been playing A's and A customs for a long time and always thought they had a different hammering. Zildjian mentions the radical hammertechnique they use on a customs. But i just noticed the hammering looks the same on both series. The hammer marks look the...
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    question for birch users

    hey guys, ive been planning on buying a yamaha birch custom for a while now. Now i want something versatile but i also want the drums to be able to cut through loud guitars...and it was my understanding that birch was good for that. But just recently i read the birch customs review in the new...