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    Gary Chaffee patterns.....What order to work on?

    Steve those books are some of the best work ever written for drums, but they are not for you YET. You´ll be only able to play the fat back exercises if anything. You have first to develop a good CONCEPT and READING ability to use them. Take care! Please check out my webpage...
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    Drumming Lessons for beginner - jazz drumming versus basic rock style

    You should study with an ADVANCED Jazz drummer, he will be versed in Rock, the opposite I think is not usual... (I´m being politial correct, hahaha). He will not have problems to teach you even if you never played a note in your life (on drums or any instrument), at least I would not have, why...
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    Hit Like A Girl - Drum Contest

    The biggest international Women's Drummer contest has just started, "Hit Like A Girl", and I have the honor to be JUDGE in it. The ladies who wish to participate can go to this link for conditions and details:
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    SEN (Sabian Education Network) ...and me

    Hello! A little shameless self promotion... Just to let you know that I been selected featured teacher at "SEN" which is a very important community of drum teachers integrated today by 1600 teachers around the world. The group is hosted by a great drummer and educator, Joe Bergamini. It is...
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    Drum Teachers through the World by Dom Famularo

    You can find the complete list of teachers around the globe by Dom Famularo as published by Modern Drummer Magazine at the link: It reads: "Over the course of his forty-year career traveling the globe to teach, perform...
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    Videos of my STUDENTS - Lessons in Spain

    We discuss a lot about technique in this section so I would like to show you some VIDEOS of my students, myself I'm at minute 10:37 I teach in Valencia, Spain VIDEO: Hope you enjoy!
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    Baterista en España / Spanish drummer (Valencia)

    VIDEO: Alex Sanguinetti (Valencia)
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    Video of my Jazz Playing

    Hi everyone! At the link you can watch a VIDEO of my Jazz Playing: YouTube: Best regards, Alex Sanguinetti (Valencia, Spain)