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    Drumming recovery and rehab time from fractured arm.

    I recently fractured my left radius (forearm) bone in two places. The spot with the most pain is where the thumb roots into the wrist, which is clearly a huge factor in being able to play any kind of a backbeat. The bones never displaced so the overall prognosis looks excellent and I may only...
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    Is Spaun Drums still operating?

    Anyone else had any contact with Spaun over the last few months? I've had a maple Custom series kit for almost 15 years now and both bass drum mount threads have completely stripped out, at the same time no less. The mounts and legs Spaun are currently selling look a fair bit different from...
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    Original track "Wretched Swan"

    My band has a new LP coming out in March so we're leading into it by posting a single. There's nothing particularly flashy about the playing on this track, but if you're into droned out, big, open stuff (Chelsea Wolfe, Acid King, Melvins, AiC, Boris) have a listen. Wretched Swan
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    A thread where we value each others kits

    I should have used the search function, yes I know. Have you guys tried this here? An ongoing thread where we post a list/pictures of drums/gear we intend to sell and get a few friendly opinions on what we should be asking for it, or honest feedback if we're asking too much/too little?
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    Kitshare DONT'S checklist

    This topic has been covered to death but I wanted to share the experience I had last Friday where one particular drummer pretty much offended every common sense "do not" that a drummer might face when sharing someone else's kit. My band was playing a run down grungy DIY venue (thats meant to...
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    Audition tomorrow. Things to remember?

    Tomorrow I'm auditioning to join the "Kidville Rockin Railroad" band. It's a private early music education program for children ages 2-6. Even though I'm a giant burly looking dude with long hair, I figure, what the hell... I love teaching kids and it would be kinda awesome to get paid cover...
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    The Weber Supraphonic Grill

    Not sure whether to cry or be hungry. Both?
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    How do you knot your vintage strainers?

    Seems like a ridiculous question, but I gather there are as many methods to knotting a P85 as there are Supras in the world. Share your pics. I use this method, not because it stays secure, but because I hit really hard and I find that using knots that have no give tend to cause broken snare...
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    Sabian finally listened?

    Just got this 19" AAX dark crash back from Sabian on the warranty program. Opened it up and immediately noticed..... The logos are smaller! Our prayers were answered! Is this just something they do to signify it was a warrantied cymbal or is it the plan for 2015?
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    Post your good experiences with manufacturers' service here

    I figure there's a whole bunch of threads where we talk about bad experiences when equipment fails, things aren't right, or we can't get the proper help to remedy a situation. Let's do the opposite here. I bought some Puresound Custom snares four or five months ago. About that same time I...
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    Left hand triplet fluidity

    I realize there's probably a thousand threads here about "developing left hand speed" or something to that effect. I'm looking for advice on something more specific though. For a right hander playing matched grip 90% of the time, I feel like I'm fairly even R vs. L when it comes to single...
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    Best metronome/drumming apps?

    Anyone have any good suggestions for Android phones? I'm looking for an app that allows for many different odd time signatures, lets you subdivide the measures, and maybe has customizable sounds and a sequencer.
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    My Spaun maple

    Since I'm new, I suppose the next step is for me to show my rig. :) I'll have to try to get better pics of the wrap since I have next to no light upstairs in the practice loft. The kit is a 10 year old Spaun maple in gold abalone wrap. It was kind of an odd choice since I usually like painted...
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    Morning folks. Lurked around for a while and decided to get on board. I'm a 35 year old from Chicago. Started playing as a little kid, did quite a long stint in a few metal and punk bands....with some (relative) success. 12 years ago, I ventured into electronic production....which took me out...