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Nick S.
02-25-2008, 06:29 PM

I'm thinking about purchasing a Sabian Quiet Tone practice pad for use on top of my 14" snare drum. I'll be making the purchase online and need to know if the 14" model will fit on top of my snare or If I need to order the 13" model for this purpose. I'd welcome your insights.


02-25-2008, 06:33 PM
It will fit. The snare drum hoop is always a little bigger than 14". If you take your hi-hat (if you have a 14") and put it on the snare, it will fit. So this pad will as well.

Nick S.
02-25-2008, 06:49 PM
Thanks fourstringdrums, I'll plan to get the 14" model.

02-29-2008, 06:39 PM
I have the 14" and use it everyday since the purchase about a month ago. This is just an awesome product, one of the best in my shed.

First off, it reduces the sound of your drums quite a bit. Printed on the box it ships in, Sabian claims the volume is reduced by 90% and I believe them. It also allows you to have the snare sound or tom sound, depending on how you set your throw-off.

Because it is has an actual real steel rim, you can practice rim shots, cross sticking, anything that requires a rim, including one-handed rolls. The feel is outstanding, better than my e-kit pads, so I have moved over to the drums for most of my practicing, particularly the late evening sessions. Because it has a real coated head, this thing is unlike any other product when it comes to practicing with brushes, and again, with the 14" size, you get to practice with full brush strokes. And, most important to me, there is just something about practicing on a pad that is the same size and has the same look and feel of an actual drum ... it just feels good.

Not to argue with fourstrings regarding the dimensions of hoops, he is probably correct. In any event, I do know that my 14" QuietTone rim appears to be exactly the size of the 14" rims on my Black Beauty and Slingerland snares, could probably swap them if I needed to in an emergency. It also perfectly fits the DW tom, which raises another positive about the QuietTone ... you actually obtain the sound of the drum it is sitting on, just extremely muted. I am thinking about purchasing the 10", 12", and another 14" so I can practice all around the kit.

The Sabian QuietTone is what you see many of the pro's use, even those who are not sponsored by Sabian. And doesn't that say it all?! (They just switch out the heads with whatever head they endorse.)
By the way, it is not as loud as it seems on the Jo Jo Secret Weapons video, as he has it mic'd. Also, for those of you who use them, these will certainly replace the need for isolation headphones in many instances.

Finally, the QuietTone's portability allows you to move it around the house whenever you want. I bring it in to play finger exercises as I watch TV .

Whoever is in charge of marketing at Sabain should be spanked! They have completely missed an opportunity to bring an amazing product, one that performs exactly as promised, to the attention of drummers. More importantly, they've wasted a real opportunity to bring the Sabain brand into the home of those consumers who use don't own anything Sabain, due to brand loyalty to their competition.

Five star rating from me. A perfect product.

If you require further info, please let me know. Joey

Nick S.
04-30-2008, 05:04 PM
Well, I purchased the 14" model and have been using it for a couple of months now. Everything joeybeats said in his post is correct, it's an excellent product. I'll pass along some additional information that anyone planning to purchase the Sabian Quiet Tone practice pad might find useful. My snare drum has cast hoops and because the tension screws on the Quiet Tone are 1" long, they just made contact with my snare hoops and scratched the chrome plating. My solution was to purchase a 20 pack of nylon Tama washers (model # PW620) for a few bucks from Musicians Friend and add one to each of the screws. this raised each screw by about 1/16" and keeps them from contacting the snare hoops. If you're particular, like me, about keeping your drums looking their best, you might consider investing in a few extra washers. Also, even though the pad has a real head, it isn't tensioned like a real drum. Instead, it rests on top of a synthetic disc with a neoprene surface. Despite this fact, it still feels remarkably similar to an actually snare drum. Cosmetically it leaves something to be desired. Mine has rough surfaces and the plating is flaking off in spots, but it's only a practice tool so, who cares? It's a great product and I definitely recommend it.

02-23-2013, 02:31 PM
Does anyone know if the 14" model will fit on a 13" snare drum? Don't really want to buy two different sizes of this pad just so I can use it on my 13" snare