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  1. Roland spd-s
  2. Roland or Ddrum Triggers?
  3. Roland SPD-S
  4. VST Drumming (Share opinions, howtos, knowledge and discussions)
  5. Roland SPD-S. What foot pedals to use?
  6. SPD-S Roland mounting system
  7. Problems with electronic drums
  8. Adapting Electronic Drums
  9. Roland TD-3 Bass Drum Pad
  10. Clamp to mount a DB-90 metronome on a Roland TD-6 rack?
  11. electronic drums and Finale
  12. Beginners electric drum set $100-$300
  13. Question for roland spd-s
  14. Electronic Bass Drum Pedal?!
  15. Have Alesis DM5 kit, want different brain
  16. Connecting Roland TD-3 brain to a camera?
  17. Brushes on Roland v-drum?
  18. Is a used Roland TD-10 $1200 a good deal?
  19. Roland TD-12
  20. Electronic PAD (for timing)
  21. Practcing on electronic drum set
  22. Roland SPD-S & MIDI
  23. Should I buy electronic drums?
  24. Amplifier Settings For Electronic Drums
  25. triggers
  26. Roland HD-1 Question
  27. Roland SPD-S help.
  28. Electronic Simmons SD1 practice pad - any thoughts?
  29. questions about electronic pads/modules
  30. Roland RMP3 Rhythm Coach
  31. Hybrid Kits (Acoustic/Electronic)
  32. Electronic kit question
  33. Roland Rhythm Coach RMP3 & Stick Control
  34. New electronic kit. Aching arms and fingers!
  35. Question for Roland SPD-20 owners
  36. Roland TD-3 metronome broken :(
  37. Acoustic Drums Vs. Electronic Drums... HELP!
  38. the new roland td-4k!!!!!!!!
  39. Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit vs Roland TD 9SX
  40. electronic drums 101
  41. DTxplorer vs Roland TD6
  42. Forced to buy electronic kit...thoughts?
  43. ROLAND TD-9S question
  44. Roland TD-7 - Worth the buy?
  45. I just got an electronic kit!!
  46. Roland mesh snare head
  47. Roland D12 help !!
  49. Acoustic/Electronic Drums?
  50. Just made my rockband drums into E - Drums
  51. Aydee's sold his soul...
  52. Roland(Boss)-db30 metronome
  53. Will this gear work with Roland TD-6 KV??
  54. HELP! Few quick questions about Roland....
  55. Alesis Surge cymbals with Roland TD-10
  56. Yamaha Dtxpress III with Roland or other mesh head snare?
  57. Roland VH-11 versus VH-12
  58. Roland TD12 - MIDI Hangup with MOTU Micro Express
  59. Most ridiculous electronic drum sounds
  60. Electronic drum solo video # 2
  61. Switch to Electronic Drums?
  62. Electronic Genre Drumming on Acoustic Kit
  63. Electric or Acoustic?
  64. Need Help!!!! Triggers and SPD-S
  65. Roland SPD-S + Flash Memory card recall
  66. for sale Roland Fantom-G6 Workstation Keyboard cost $1000USD
  67. Drum muting vs E-drums
  68. Hoping for some advice on E-drums
  69. Roland SPDS-isolating a click track
  70. Practise drum kits. What do you recommend?
  71. Roland or Yamaha?
  72. Electronic Drum Set
  73. Amplifying your Trigger sounds...
  74. What snare drum was used for Roland V drum sample sound?
  75. Decision: Simmons SDK7 vs Yamaha DTXlorer
  76. Roland td6v or Tama swingstar???
  77. someone school me on Roland V-drums
  78. Electric drums question
  79. good electric kits???
  80. Practicing w/ V Drums
  81. Roland TD-20 ?
  82. FPC use with electronic drum kit?
  83. Heads for Roland RMP 5 and Hart Accupad Kick pad
  84. Roland SPD-S master to MPC 1000 slave
  85. Acoustic/electronic
  86. Roland TD-20 quantize question
  87. Cheap Electronic Drumkit
  88. Beginning drummer looking for Electric Kit
  89. recording roland TD3 midi
  90. Electronic or acoustic set for a beginner?
  91. Heads for Roland RMP 5 and Hart Accupad BDS Kick pad
  92. Recording midi tracks into Roland kits as a pattern
  93. Roland RMP-5 Rhythm Coach
  94. Roland trigger amp
  95. Roland SPD-S loop problem
  96. Thinking about an ekit for practice..??
  97. Anyone have a Simmons SD5K or SD7K E-kit?
  98. Practise on an electronic kit - gig on an accoustic?
  99. Electronic vs. Acoustic Questionnaire-- research paper
  100. Roland SPD-S + Ableton Live?
  101. Electronic Kit Replacement Parts?
  102. looking for an electronic kit ( on a budget)
  103. Electronic Drum?
  104. Roland HD-1 electric set
  105. Electronic kick pads, how much?
  106. Roland HD-1 HD1 V-Drums Lite
  107. Playing 'electronic drum sounds' live
  108. I love the Roland SPD-S Sampling Pad
  109. Electric kits
  110. Looking To Buy An Electronic Kit
  111. Professional Level Electronic Drums
  112. Roland Cymbal tip
  113. E-Pro Live anyone ?
  114. electronic sound
  115. Roland Octapad SPD 30 demo videos
  116. Yamaha Brain - Roland Pads ?
  117. Need help with Roland SPD-S
  118. roland RMP 5
  119. Electronic Drum questions
  120. Do Electronic Drums Make You A Better Drummer?
  121. Where Can I Get The Best Price On The New Roland TD12KX?
  122. Where do these triggers go?
  123. might go electronic
  124. Quick need help! Roland SPD-S
  125. Roland KD-8 question
  126. Roland V-Drum Lite HD-1
  127. Roland V-Drums "Tuning" Question
  128. Roland TD-12SV and TD-12KX differences?
  129. Electronic Kit Recommendations
  130. Roland V-Drum CY-15R Problem
  131. Rubber Trigger Pads: Yamaha vs Roland
  132. Drum sizes used for Roland v-drum sounds
  133. Recording with Electron Roland Kit
  134. Need help finding a quiet electronic drum set
  135. For sale: Roland TD-12 A** Condition
  136. adding drums to a roland v drum kit
  137. What is possible with entry level electronic drums?
  138. Snare Rim Click on roland V-Drums (TD10)
  139. What is the value of a 2008 Roland TD-3?
  140. SPD-S by Roland - How to?
  141. Playing live with ROLAND TD12 .....
  142. Roland TD9KX kit editing capabilities
  143. I can't remember
  144. Triggers!
  145. How to mount Roland SPD-S and HPD-10 on one stand
  146. new to drumming - need help with Roland RMP-5
  147. How quiet is an electronic set?
  148. roland td-9/td-4 question
  149. roland spd-s as midi controller?
  150. Traps Electronic Vs D.I.Y Kit?
  151. Are there Special Amps for Electronic Drumkits?
  152. Need help finding an electronic kit
  153. How do I set up my electric drums in the same way as an acoustic kit?
  154. need roland e-drum kit reviews/list
  155. Roland setup help
  156. Best type of drum head for rubber-like rebound
  157. electronic practice kit
  158. Roland CY-8 cymbal problem!
  159. Playing electronic drums in a flat/apartment?
  160. Buying an Electronic Kit
  161. Buying An Electronic Kit
  162. Looking to add an electronic drum pad to my acoustic kit.
  163. The new mapex pedal and V drums
  164. Newbie looking for advice on eKit
  165. Roland TD-6V and headphones
  166. Yamaha DTXtreme III special or Roland TD12kx
  167. Just opened this section...
  168. are you REALLY sticking to edrums?
  169. New to drums in general, question about Roland TD-5
  170. Cheap E-Kit + Superior Drummer 2.0
  171. Looking for an Electronic Kit
  172. card formatting/crosstalk
  173. Help! Roland vs. Alesis
  174. Roland TD-20 - Who owns/knows 'em?
  175. Backing Track Dilema !!
  176. HD1 Drum Tutor, works with TD8?
  177. Buying kit $3000 max.
  178. Alesis RealHead Kick Pad
  179. Best bass beater for Roland KD 8?
  180. help finding the gear i need
  181. Help Please? SMI-1458/DD-501 edrums not recognized in XP - yelp!
  182. SPD-S trigger ran separate output
  183. Pearl E-Pro Live
  184. Need a trigger system
  185. Ableton Live
  186. Midi In??
  187. Probably buying an ekit...
  188. ddrum, Roland problems
  189. Looking for an electronic kit on a budget
  190. Electronic Drum Pad and Brain
  191. Roland Sample Library Expansion
  192. E-Drum Amplifier
  193. Cheapest electric kit worth buying?
  194. Roland SPD-S Triggers
  195. Till I get an A-kit....
  196. Midi Interface vs. Cable Adapter
  197. Questions about the Roland TD-4S?
  198. Microphones & associated gear for acoustic drums
  199. Which ekit is best for..
  200. First electric drum kit advice needed :-)
  201. Using Effects and Loops etc?
  202. Need help finding a good electric kit. please.
  203. Best Cheap Edrum Set for Metal
  204. Drum sounds
  205. Roland Octapad SPD-30
  206. Kit For a Band's Practice Space
  207. Deciding on first electronic drum set - need advice
  208. dtxplorer cymbals
  209. foot pain after using e-kick pad
  210. How to use electronic percussion sounds, conga, agogo,djembe etc.
  211. Alesis Trigger IO Latency
  212. Any experience with repairing Drum Modules?
  213. Conneting to superior drummer help.
  214. Roland TD 3 setup questions
  215. Cymbal triggers
  216. Alesis Trigger IO
  217. Best Quality and price electronic drum set (upcoming)
  218. Hart "Duraplate" ECymbals
  219. -need some info about yamaha DTX 550k-
  220. Anyone selling the Simmons SDS9 electric Drum kit
  221. MP3 player plugged into Mix-in only playing music in one ear of head-phones. Help pls..
  222. Electronic Drum Kit to fit my needs.
  223. Reset an HD 1 V drum Module
  224. The bait and switch: Jazz gig
  225. Can't find this in the manual of DTXplorer: metronome sound when connected to speakers
  226. Drum Software
  227. Roland Vs. Yamaha ! Help Please
  228. Roland SPD-S - Qualms.
  229. Affordable Amp?
  230. TD-12 or DTX 900?
  231. Roland SPD-S or Yamaha Multi 12
  232. Drum triggers into a mixer connected to a computer?
  233. connecting an ipod to a Legacy dd501
  234. Roland TD-10 Expanded with Triggers
  235. OSP DD502 Double Bass
  236. Sampling pad use with an acoustic kit (similar to matt nichols from bring me the horizon etc)
  237. Roland td4 kx VS. Alesis DM10 Pro kit
  238. DM10 Problems
  239. Roland SPD-30 Octapad
  240. DTXplorer with headphones vs Denon receiver and amp
  241. Dual base pedal for DTXplorer
  242. Looking to buy used Roland VH-12 high hat
  243. Alesis DM5 and DDrum Pro Acoustic Kick Trigger Question???
  244. Yamaha DTXplorer - Loud humming?
  245. Aquarian electric head
  246. Roland TD-9SX good for recording?
  247. Is it possible to get different sounds out of a Yamaha DTXplorer?
  248. Ddrum snare triggers
  249. Drum machine in drum kit
  250. Crosstalk & Backup Saves