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Ads appear on Drummergallery Pages and Video Pages
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1 month run - 400'000 impressions = CPM 1.00 = $400.00 a month

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CPM 1.25
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Ads appear on Frontpage - Portal Pages - Drummergallery Pages - Video Pages
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DRUMMERWORLD 2014 traffic averaged more than 41'000 unique visitors per day
- over 14 million visitors per year.

DRUMMERWORLD visitors accessed more than 81 million individual pages in 2014

DRUMMERWORLD has visitors from 248 countries (Geographics: USA/Canada 50%).

DRUMMERWORLD is a encyclopedia-like website and features Drummers from all genres in the history of Jazz and Rock - from the past till present times.

DRUMMERWORLD is a noncommercial project created by Bernhard Castiglioni in Switzerland.

All content is free for everybody - inclusive the Discussion Forum with 120'000 members.

The ads are served to cover the costs of the various servers. Drummerworld is distributed over a CDN (Content Delivery Network - various servers all over the world) - to guarantee a smooth and fast delivery of content and videos.

DRUMMERWORLD is supported by all major publishers of educational Drumvideos, Books, CD's and DVD's.

Statistic January 2015

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