Thomas Lang

Thomas Lang: Lang System: Creative Control DVD & Book

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Thomas Lang presents a completely innovative and inspired practice regime, and system for helping you develop incredible drumset technique, that will forever change your approach to drumming.

Includes both the award-winning DVD and Play-Along Book and CD from his Creative Control series.

Lang's awesome speed, control, finesse and unparalleled interdependence will inspire you to hone your drumming chops so that you can play more effectively in any musical context.

Thomas also offers blazing solos and performances in many different styles, including a definitive version of “The Black Page,” the Frank Zappa tour de force.

Thomas Lang: Lang System: Creative Coordination DVD & Book

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This great pack bundles together Lang's popular 3-DVD set with companion play along book/CD pack for the ultimate guide to the challenging and awe-inspiring world of advanced cutting-edge 21st century drumming techniques!

The book details Lang's extraordinary methodology that will take players' creative and technical abilities on the instrument to heights they never dreamed were possible – and in a much shorter time than ever imagined.

The DVDs emphasize coordination and foot technique. Lang's thorough technical break down begins slowly and then advances to more complex and challenging beats.