Billy Ward - Big Time


The drummer's blueprint for creativity, time keeping and groove. Big Time is a riveting look at the very essence of what makes the human clock tick. Included are lessons, performances and insights, all presented in a new and groundbreaking format that strips the art of drumming to its very core.

Join world-renowned session drummer and educator Billy Ward as he explores a vital and untapped side of practical Groove theory.

Encoded for all regions.

Modern Drummer Festival 2000

Featuring Don Brewer, Vinnie Colaiuta, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez with Marc Quiñones, Akira Jimbo, Paul Leim, Hilary Jones, Dave Lombardo & Billy Ward.

170 minutes of performances, clinics and interviews!

Special DVD Features:
5.1 Surround Sound Mix on two performances, one by Vinnie Colaiuta and one by Horacio Hernandez. DrumCam option on these two performances allowing you to change camera angles at any point.