Groove Style
Play Along

Wes Crawford:
Be the Drummer and play along with Gary Grainger


Play drumset with the Pop Styles Band...consisting of world-class musicians Gary Grainger on bass (John Scofield, Maysa), Derek Wille on keyboards (Cher, Chic), Alvin White on guitar (Najee, Jane L. Powell), and introducing Stephanie Diamond on vocals. It’s easy to do- simply bring your drumset, TV, and DVD player together, preferably with headphones, pop in the DVD and join the band in their adventures and misadventures on the road! There are ten original songs to perform representing a variety of popular styles, each at a different “gig”, including: your band audition, several types of nightclubs, a wedding party, the beach, a recording studio (with Brian McNelis as your overzealous producer and Dave Hanbury as the studio engineer), and culminating in a large arena festival!