Drum Technique

Steve Smith

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Steve Smith: Drumset Technique / History Of the U.S. Beat
The most in-depth study of drumming technique ever done on video or DVD as well as a thorough and fascinating survey of the evolution of the primary drum set pulse in the music or the U.S., from Ragtime to Fusion.

Features two bands, including the great Vital Information, this DVD is a virtual encyclopedia of drumset techniques, concepts and styles.

Disc One: Drumset Technique Breaks down and explains hand and foot technique in great detail and gets to the core of what drummers need to know in order to improve their feel and technical skills. Segments Include: “The Art Of Practice",“Exercises, Licks and phrases", "Independence/ Interdependence", “Implied Metric Modulation".
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Also includes four extended solo drum pieces.

Disc Two: History of the U.S. Beat Explains and demonstrates, along with a great band, the evolution of the drumset in U.S. music how incorporating a knowledge of drumming history can help drummers play current genres with more authenticity and depth.

In addition, Vital Information plays seven complete tunes, and Steve explains many of the complex rhythmic concepts that he uses in the band’s music.