Drum Technique
Steve Gadd Style

Neil Peart

Steve Gadd Style Fills (Slowmotion)


I was captivated and completely enthralled when I first bought and watched this masterpiece. It is well over 2 and 1/2 hours of pure amazement and wonder. Neil as I expected is an excellent teacher and does a wonderful job explaining each song in beautiful detail and example. Every song from Test For Echo is played by Neil and afterwards he explains the major parts of the song and explains the what and whys of why he did what he was trying to accomplish through his drum parts. Neil plays the drums to backing tracks sans drums and he is just such a master at the art of drumming. The majority of the video takes place inside a studio, but he is shown out in nature, rowing a boat, walking through snow in snowshoes and is even shown on a back porch demonstrating how he warms up on a practice pad. Nature is used to explain his new techinique by speaking in terms of roundness. His drum study with drum guru Fred Gruber is gone over in great detail and Neil talks of how a new approach of drumming was taken on. A definite must have!